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Tough Reality – We will discuss reality and truth that is right in front of our face. Call in and discuss your favorite topic. We might disagree but I will let you get your point across and not cut you off.  Have your daily dose of TR. :)


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2 Responses to Tough Reality

  1. Mike says:

    mike u are great

  2. Jerry Lane says:

    Hello again, Michael, thanks for being such a gracious host. I would be glad to apppear on your show at any time. It was great fun, and your listener response was welcome indeed. Here are some related websites: and have between them thousands of Teaching Mission lessons and q-and-a sessions going back to 1992, well cross-referenced and catagorized–mine under Marin TM Group. Then there’s UBWebsites which has about 300 links in some 28 catagories to Urantia Book websites; look under Teaching Mission for ours. A final one–UBThe notes dozens of ways in which the UB, published in 1955, correctly anticipated many scientific discoveries since then. Talk with you again, Jerry.

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